Notpla: if we can eat this packaging, nature can too

WeWhoDo sat down with co-founder, Pierre Paslier, to learn more about Notpla, the sustainable start-up that offers packaging solutions made from just seaweed and plants. Where did the idea for NOTPLA come from? My background is in mechanical engineering. I started my career as a Packaging Engineer for L’Oréal and saw first-hand the impact of […]

Top 5 tips for managing freelancer finance

Deciding to make a living independently is a commendable life decision. But it also means you need to pay extra attention to your finances to ensure everything runs smoothly. A freelancer is also business owner, and it is essential that you pay attention to every part of your business to keep it sustainable. Acknowledging how […]

3 ways technology is transforming customer travel experiences

Modern technology is totally transforming the global transportation and hospitality sectors, leading to enhanced customer experiences in a variety of ways. Many of these changes are down to the revolution in communications and the growth of smart devices, which have led to increased consumer awareness and a demand for more personalised and speedier services. Some […]

Think you’re future proofed? The top six changes shaping the workplace of tomorrow

The world of work is constantly evolving, but the pace of change has picked up dramatically in the last few years. Today’s working environment is virtually unrecognisable from the workplace of twenty, ten or even five years ago, with ever more powerful technology transforming our working lives and helping companies save time and money.

Faking it: the world of the fake review

Search for any hotel or restaurant and there are a plethora of ‘customer’ reviews. Reviews are a valuable resource for businesses in the hospitality sector, giving potential customers advice and knowledge before booking or making a commitment. However, fake reviews are now commonplace and can be damaging to both consumer confidence and business reputations. Spotting […]

5 hotel tech trends which will dominate in 2019

Guest experience has always been the primary driver behind the way in which hotels operate, but advances in technology will truly embed and extend the principle into 2019 as new tech and innovation becomes embedded in the hospitality sector. That’s the picture as 2019 begins and hoteliers across the globe strive to gain a competitive […]

How technology is changing your night out

Technology pervades all parts of modern life, and constant advancements within the field mean that it’s hard to keep up with the latest gadgets, trends and processes that are being implemented in the world around us. When you look at your work-life balance, it’s clear to see that both sides are being weighed considerably down […]