World-class talent identified, placed, and managed on a user-friendly platform

Only 1 in 10 of consultants, techies and creatives that apply become a WeWhoDo expert. To always deliver impactful projects, we get to know all talent we source, place, and manage. 

Our user-friendly platform takes care of each stage of project recruitment to make sourcing talent simple. 

Quality delivered with confidence. That’s how WeWhoDo, do it.

Our entrepreneurial experts are WeWhoDo’s beating heart. It’s their talent that delivers on projects with passion.

But we go beyond carefully matching you with world-class experts. Our aim is to make sure you’re supported at each stage of the hiring process.

Here’s how:

1. Compliance managed with care

The WeWhoDo platform supports you to mitigate risk and manage compliance better. We automate the creation of contracts and bills, as well as provide a clear audit trail of decisions and communications to support IR35 compliance.

2. Personalised account management

Account managers are matched to your project based on fit with your project and sector.

They can curate shortlists of talent based on your requirements for skills and expertise. Our people-first approach means that we consider complementary personality fit, too.

3. Experts with a legacy of excellence

Experts are the driving force of WeDoWho. Our matched experts represent the benefits of our bespoke talent matching service whenever they successfully deliver a project.

To make sure we only work with leaders in their field, we look for experts with professional backgrounds in the Big Four consultancies and ensure their professional history is verified.

4. Intuitive platform

Our platform is easy to use and makes searching for candidates simple. Browse talent, filter by sector and competency, or search for keywords to find the star candidate that meets your specific requirements.

We accept 1 in 10 applicants

Initial 4-step application

We scrutinise every WeWhoDo applicant to make sure that they have the requisite professional background and soft skills to deliver projects to a world-class standard.

Each potential WeWhoDo expert must complete our 4-step application to verify their work history, knowledge and communication skills.

1. Apply

Applicants submit their CV and the WeWhoDo application form.

2. Screening

The initial application is reviewed by our in-house team.

3. Interview

We hold a video interview to check expert candidates are representing their background and knowledge accurately, and that they share WeWhoDo values.

4. Welcome

Successful experts are invited to set up their WeWhoDo profile and we arrange another call to assess what kind of projects will best match their skills, expertise and passion.

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