Find out how WeWhoDo played a key role in Upside’s project delivery

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Upside Projects are a change consultancy that work with large Government and FTSE100 clients on embedding change across an organisation, namely around technology.

Upside was working with a particular client on a large digital transformation programme and required augmented resource to support the existing Upside team in delivery by becoming part of the Upside team.

Upside worked with WeWhoDo to provide key resources around customer experience, operating model change and project management capability, all of which were required over the project lifecycle.


The WeWhoDo resource embedded themselves into the Upside team becoming a pivotal part of the delivery team throughout the duration of the 12 month project. WeWhoDo worked flexibly with Upside to find, recruit, resource and manage key staff required on the project at different times.

The overall impact was a successful project that delivered activity, output and outcomes of an exceptional quality and standard for the end client, having a material impact on their organisation. The key impact being a full experience redesign for the client, focused on its customer and putting them at the heart of the organisation.

“WeWhoDo have been instrumental to the success of the project and have really embedded themselves as an ‘Upside’ resource. They feel one and part of the same team, and put the effort in to support and often go above and beyond the role.”

(Wyndham Plumptre, Founder of Upside)

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