Why we need forward-thinking public transport solutions for today, as well as tomorrow

Effective public transport is not only essential to ensuring a high quality of life, it's vital for tackling both congestion and pollution concerns

Leaders in the field of public transport technology are calling for forward-thinking solutions that will have tangible effects on public transport today, as well as the new initiative under development for future use. While there are some exciting advances on the horizon for transport technology, it’s crucial that efficient, sustainable transport solutions are available to meet public passenger requirements.

With a growing number of the population living in urban areas and cities, and close to 80 percent of the 9 billion people of the world anticipated to be occupying urban locations by 2050, public transportation is a growing concern. While the largest cities in the world from Madrid to Oslo have been setting ambitious goals for the next 30+ years, it is not only the future of our public transportation services and technology that need consideration.

Effective public transport is not only essential to ensuring a high quality of life, it’s vital for tackling both congestion and pollution concerns. The easier and more reliable public transportation becomes, and the more capable it is of transporting people to the places they need to be, the less they will need to rely on their own forms of transport. This will cut the number of vehicles on the roads, reducing both pollution and congestion, neither of which are issues that can wait for us to tackle them.

Hyperloop technology

With technological advances changing the manner in which we engage with information the possibilities are increasingly broad. Smartphones have given large parts of the population instant access to information, and the ability to share their own information and opinions with equal immediacy. This ability to connect so simply via the internet has created the possibility of car-sharing and carpooling apps, as well as services like Uber, who are leveraging the current technological advances to alleviate the number of cars needed on the road. With innovative solutions like Virgin’s Hyperloop revolutionising public transport, there are effective systems that can be brought into place immediately to improve public transport.

With advances in hyperloop technology and other exciting technological advances already in effect in the transport industry, it is not only the future of public transport that we have to get excited about – the time for advancement is now.

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