Find out how we helped Matchable transform their digital marketing strategy


Matchable match companies and their employees with innovative, high impact projects at non-profits and impact startups. Their unique approach helps prepare employees for the future of work through one-of-a-kind upskilling experiences that solve real world problems.

Prior to working with WeWhoDo, Matchable had focused on B2B sales and direct outreach, but they were keen to test trackable marketing. 

WeWhoDo worked with Matchable to create an innovative campaign directly appealing to the end users (the company employees), with the goal of turning them into brand advocates to support the sales of the Matchable proposition within their own companies.


Our team took two major steps to help Matchable achieve this new strategy.

Firstly, we identified the key Matchable demographics and created a matrix of persona targeted  messaging. As a result, by understanding where these messages converted into leads (by channel / creative), we could map archetypes of the ‘Matchable shopper’. This enabled us to engage the end user and thus develop a robust marketing strategy.

Secondly, we decided to focus on using native in-app response mechanisms (such as Instagram based forms) and planned to run this across both Facebook and Instagram. This enabled a more targeted approach, and from our experience, leads to significantly higher conversion rates, due to its ease and simplicity. As a result, we streamlined processes for both Matchable (where leads were captured in one place) and the end user as they weren’t required to leave the app to complete their response. This provided a completely new and direct funnel to reach customers, and initial testing proved successful for wider adoption. 

Foong, the company CEO, comments how the team were “engaged and reliable”  and always able to rationalize their steps.

“They would actively take the time to explain in clear terms so we could understand what was happening, why we were doing it and make informed decisions off the back of this which helped shape our digital marketing strategy… this was really helpful”. 

Through our work together, Matchable now has a stronger idea of who their customer is and how to cater their marketing messages. As of the beginning of February, the revised strategy has already generated 195 fresh leads, with 60% from big corporates, and a significant amount sourced from FTSE 500 companies. In addition to this, a further 50% of those leads have the appropriate budgets to do meaningful L&D work with Matchable.

The WeWhoDo team also ended this project with a wrap-up report, including bespoke and comprehensive training videos to continue the startup’s exciting new journey into digital marketing. 

The Team: Alex Vaughan, Yann Poulain and Mike James

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