MUST HAD: redefine and refashion

WeWhoDo sat down with Eugenio Riganty, co-founder of MUST HAD, to discuss how we can reduce fashion waste without compromising on style!

Treeapp: Saving the Planet, One Tree at a Time

WeWhoDo sat down with Jules Buker, co-founder of Treeapp, to discuss how tree-planting is not just about the net-zero race but can empower communities and contribute to climate resilience too!

Zeelo: connecting people to places via sustainable transport

Zeelo is a safe bus-sharing company, providing smart transportation services for commuting and school runs. They use data and technology to find, and digitalise, fixed bus routes, targeting areas of high private car usage in order to connect people to places via sustainable transport.

Notpla: if we can eat this packaging, nature can too

WeWhoDo sat down with co-founder, Pierre Paslier, to learn more about Notpla, the sustainable start-up that offers packaging solutions made from just seaweed and plants. Where did the idea for NOTPLA come from? My background is in mechanical engineering. I started my career as a Packaging Engineer for L’Oréal and saw first-hand the impact of […]

Top 5 tips for managing freelancer finance

Deciding to make a living independently is a commendable life decision. But it also means you need to pay extra attention to your finances to ensure everything runs smoothly. A freelancer is also business owner, and it is essential that you pay attention to every part of your business to keep it sustainable. Acknowledging how […]