Zeelo: connecting people to places via sustainable transport

Zeelo is a safe bus-sharing company, providing smart transportation services for commuting and school runs. They use data and technology to find, and digitalise, fixed bus routes, targeting areas of high private car usage in order to connect people to places via sustainable transport.

Smarter Commuting: How the Future of Transport Will Shape Our Cities

Few industries are changing and developing quite as fast as transport, and in the coming decades our transport infrastructure is going to be tested to the extremes. It’s also going to completely change the way we live and work in our towns and cities, impacting every aspect of modern life. So what could be on the cards for the future of transport?

The future of airplanes is all about the wings

In the 115 years since the Wright brothers took to the skies in the very first powered airplane, the concept has evolved a number of times. First the bi-plane, with its iconic two-tiered wings and propellers. Then, engineers figured out that having a single wing on each side of the vehicle could increase speed and […]

Lyft gets strategic with Jaguar Land Rover partnership

In a bid to trump Uber’s partnership with Mercedes Benz, Lyft has just announced a strategic deal that will put its drivers behind the wheel of a fleet of luxury vehicles. The £19 million investment comes from InMotion, Jaguar Land Rover’s in house mobility organisation and is set to change the future of car ownership […]

Train travel revolution as companies share data with tech firms

Train companies are growing more committed than ever to providing a high level of user experience, and as a result of that they’re making a concerted effort to share more data than ever before with tech companies in a bid to inform all aspects of train travel from the design of train coaches through to […]

Traditional auto turns to share-economy

Airbnb and other forms of sharing site have kickstarted a huge number of initiatives around the world. London’s Santander Cycles, Ofo, and Mobike are doing there best to corner the cycle share market while even companies like Uber increasingly build sharing options into their offering, with Uber Pool lowering the price of a taxi fare […]

Are digital signals the way forward?

Public transport is great when it works. When there are signalling problems, delays, and cancellations, it can quickly become a nightmare. Early in May, Chris Grayling announced that the government is investing £450m in the UK’s digital railway scheme. The investment is part of Network Rail’s Digital Railway Strategy and is set to reduce delays, […]

The electric bus is coming to a city near you – how and when?

China is adding a London-sized electric bus fleet to its cities every five weeks. Kent County Council became the second local authority in the UK to complete wide-scale trials of electric buses recently and Go North East are currently running a battery-powered bus between Gateshead and nearby shopping complex – the MetroCentre. Three global, regional […]