Faking it: the world of the fake review

Search for any hotel or restaurant and there are a plethora of ‘customer’ reviews. Reviews are a valuable resource for businesses in the hospitality sector, giving potential customers advice and knowledge before booking or making a commitment. However, fake reviews are now commonplace and can be damaging to both consumer confidence and business reputations. Spotting […]

3 of the the hospitality industry’s biggest tech trends

Tech developments continue to snowball and it seems that technology is becoming more reliable, more affordable, and more efficient, faster than ever before. One industry making the most of the changing face of tech is the hospitality industry. Here are 3 of the biggest tech trends in hospitality right now: Alternative payments Card or cash? […]

3 aspects of your hotel booking that must be flawless

Your hotel invests in the best pictures and videos, an easy to navigate website, and proper advertising. However, don’t lose your next prospective guest because you have a complicated booking form or process. Strive to make the booking form process just as fun as the vacation itself. Here are three aspects of your booking process […]