3 of the the hospitality industry’s biggest tech trends

Tech developments continue to snowball and it seems that technology is becoming more reliable, more affordable, and more efficient, faster than ever before. One industry making the most of the changing face of tech is the hospitality industry. Here are 3 of the biggest tech trends in hospitality right now: Alternative payments Card or cash? […]

The electric bus is coming to a city near you – how and when?

China is adding a London-sized electric bus fleet to its cities every five weeks. Kent County Council became the second local authority in the UK to complete wide-scale trials of electric buses recently and Go North East are currently running a battery-powered bus between Gateshead and nearby shopping complex – the MetroCentre. Three global, regional […]

Are digital signals the way forward?

Public transport is great when it works. When there are signalling problems, delays, and cancellations, it can quickly become a nightmare. Early in May, Chris Grayling announced that the government is investing £450m in the UK’s digital railway scheme. The investment is part of Network Rail’s Digital Railway Strategy and is set to reduce delays, […]

Traditional auto turns to share-economy

Airbnb and other forms of sharing site have kickstarted a huge number of initiatives around the world. London’s Santander Cycles, Ofo, and Mobike are doing there best to corner the cycle share market while even companies like Uber increasingly build sharing options into their offering, with Uber Pool lowering the price of a taxi fare […]

3 tech developments set to improve future bus journeys

Public transport is currently a hotbed of technological innovation, and buses are no exception. With an ever growing population and our lives seemingly getting busier and busier, anything that makes getting where we need to go cleaner and more comfortable has to be something to embrace. With that in mind, here are three tech developments […]

Flying into the future: how tech is changing customer experience

Flights have never been more diverse and accessible as they are today. With more airports around the world and a greater variety of airlines and budget flights, it is strange to come across someone who has never flown. Yet if you look at images and footage of commercial flights half a century ago, the customer […]

Driving customer experience in the digitally maturing energy market

Energy utilities have long lagged behind other industries adopting strategies to deliver excellence in customer experience (CX), but pioneers have driven a digital transformation in recent years and now the rest of the market is finally catching on. Technology is driving the energy industry from a traditional call centre approach to a mobile app and […]