Faking it: the world of the fake review

Search for any hotel or restaurant and there are a plethora of ‘customer’ reviews. Reviews are a valuable resource for businesses in the hospitality sector, giving potential customers advice and knowledge before booking or making a commitment. However, fake reviews are now commonplace and can be damaging to both consumer confidence and business reputations. Spotting […]

Train travel revolution as companies share data with tech firms

Train companies are growing more committed than ever to providing a high level of user experience, and as a result of that they’re making a concerted effort to share more data than ever before with tech companies in a bid to inform all aspects of train travel from the design of train coaches through to […]

Lyft gets strategic with Jaguar Land Rover partnership

In a bid to trump Uber’s partnership with Mercedes Benz, Lyft has just announced a strategic deal that will put its drivers behind the wheel of a fleet of luxury vehicles. The £19 million investment comes from InMotion, Jaguar Land Rover’s in house mobility organisation and is set to change the future of car ownership […]

The future of airplanes is all about the wings

In the 115 years since the Wright brothers took to the skies in the very first powered airplane, the concept has evolved a number of times. First the bi-plane, with its iconic two-tiered wings and propellers. Then, engineers figured out that having a single wing on each side of the vehicle could increase speed and […]

Self-flying planes may land sooner that you think

With the technology for self-driving cars becoming increasingly normalised, the next logical step in the world of autonomous vehicles is self-flying planes. However, this isn’t some far off fantasy; the aviation industry is developing the technology at the moment, and is spending vast sums of money on autonomous aircraft. Boeing announced in June 2017 that […]

3 aspects of your hotel booking that must be flawless

Your hotel invests in the best pictures and videos, an easy to navigate website, and proper advertising. However, don’t lose your next prospective guest because you have a complicated booking form or process. Strive to make the booking form process just as fun as the vacation itself. Here are three aspects of your booking process […]

Why the UK might be perfect for electric planes

Electric cars are fast becoming a more common sight on the UK’s roads. Tesla’s success at producing desirable and competent EVs in the luxury car segment and an ever increasing number of supercar manufacturers are utilising the instantaneous colossal torque of electric motors in the pursuit of environmentally-sound speed. But there is another area where […]

How UK airports could benefit from automation

Automation was revolutionary in increasing the efficiency, heightening the sophistication and lowering the cost of manufacturing cars, planes, buses et cetera, but recently the technology has bled into the vehicles themselves. But away from the much-discussed topic of self-driving cars for motorists, automated vehicles could potentially be a boon for another area of public transportation […]